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More foster homes needed to care for injured animals

Taking in injured animals is not uncommon for the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society. But getting them all treated and adopted is another story.

Just this week, an injured dog was brought to the Humane Society and thanks to the open heart of the Amarillo man who rescued it, it just might be saved in more ways than one.

Despite his tough guy exterior, Kevin Wilcox of Amarillo found a soft spot in his heart this week.

"I found a dog laying on the side of the road," said Wilcox. "I noticed it had been hurt and I just couldn't leave it on the side of the highway to die."

So he did the only thing he could think to do.

"Picked the dog up, brought it to us and said can you fix this please," continued Jena McFall, Executive Director for the Humane Society.

And that's exactly what they're trying to do. The Humane Society is paying up to $1,500 to treat this terrier-mix, and save her life. But do that for every injured animal and it begins to add up quickly.

"It had two broken legs, a broken pelvis, a concussion, three broken ribs," said McFall. "And it actually just had surgery this morning. We need donations, we don't really have a budget for it, it's just something that we do because when we see an injured animal we want to do anything we can to save it."

But saving these injured animals requires more than money.

"We also need foster homes, to take these animals in after their surgery for them to recover and just a quiet place for them to be, to heal," added McFall. "For them to get better so they are available for adoption."

More homes, more love, more people like Kevin.

"It wasn't a decision," said Wilcox. "When I picked him up and as I was driving him in, I knew right then if this dog could be saved, I'd take him home."

If you're interested in learning more about the Humane Society or ways you might be able to help donate or foster an animal call their office at 373-1716.

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