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Discovery Center "Hatches the Past" with new dinosaur exhibit

After its grand opening Saturday, a new exhibit at the Discovery Center in Amarillo is taking patrons back in time and "Hatching the Past".

The new exhibit is called Hatching the Past: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies, and is filled with more than 100 fossil dinosaur eggs from all over the world, mainly inner Mongolia, China and Argentina. This traveling exhibit, brought to Amarillo by the Stone Company out of Colorado, allows families to get up close and personal with these very rare fossils, versus having to look at them from the other side of a piece of glass, like most museums.

"You get to look at the interactive activities we have," said Executive Director of the Discovery Center, Dr. Aaron Pan. "They have little computer modules they can work on, they have little dig boxes they look at fossil eggs in. You can sort of examine and sort of become a scientist yourself, which is what we really want you to do."

The exhibit also features a real dinosaur bone fossil, that folks can actually look at and touch. Hatching the Past will be featured at the Discovery Center now through this coming spring and summer.

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