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More damage discovered

Dozens of area residents are now having to pay for damages after discovering snow in their attics.

Price Roofing Owner Cecil Price says, "We got probably between 20 and 30 calls from folks with snow in their attic. But they didn't know what was the problem."

Sherry Philyaw lives in Amarillo and found snow in her attic has caused the ceiling panels in her garage to tear into pieces. Philyaw says, "The garage is pretty much a wreck right now with all of the plasterboard all over."

She says she thinks the snow blew in through either her attic vents or edges. Philyaw says, "We went up in to the attic and looked and realized that there was quite a bit of snow inside there. Pretty much the entire width of the garage. Above the garage door. And that's when we called the insurance company." She's now waiting for her insurance company to send an adjuster for repairs.

Price says, "In most cases, folks just need to contract a painter. Someone like that, that does dry wall. And get it repaired that way." Which normally costs around $500.00. And he says, "Possibly contact a roofing contractor to see if that vent or whatever the problem is needs to be dealt with."

You can either take out, relocate, or replace your attic vents with newer louver-styled ones which are more resilient to wind and snow.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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