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Food prices continue to increase

Amarillo, Texas - It isn't just every time you fill up your car now your wallet will seem more empty, prices at the grocery store have been rising and don't expect to stop anytime soon.

Here in the panhandle over the last year grocery prices have risen between two and three percent.

Regional Vice President for United Supermarkets, Greg Ammons, says they are planning for a four percent increase this year.

Last summer's drought crippled the corn crop, and it's caused a rippled effect throughout all food industries, causing consumers to shell out more for goods.

"We have seen a spike in our store brands, no doubt because that's probably the best value that you can get for your pennies. There's no doubt. And we try to make that available, too. We buy in a share group volume," Ammons says

But United says they are doing all they can to help offset passing along large price increases to their customers. That includes offering store brands, taking advantage of technology resources to cut costs administratively, and even increasing their recycling.

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