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Blizzard impacting local businesses

This week's blizzard stormed up several businesses in Amarillo.

Many businesses were forced to shut doors for days, several employees had to work at a bank without heat Wednesday, but another business actually is benefiting from the storm.

Scott's Flowers Manager Mary Ruth Albracht says, "You take a complete loss when you're not open. We had deliveries that should have gone out Monday that weren't able to go out, but they've allowed us to deliver them today (Wednesday)."

This shop had to close both Monday and Tuesday, and now they're trying to keep up with all the deliveries they couldn't make, taking funerals as a priority.

However, there are still some areas they can not get to because of high drifts. Albracht says, "There's just been a couple that we couldn't get out to the homes. We had to get an extra delivery man to come in and help us out."

The People's Federal Credit Union had to close Monday. Besides having fewer customers Wednesday, they say they had to deal without heat in doors.

Its Marketing Director Kenja Purkey says, "A stray car, or truck, or something hit our gas meter. And so while we're waiting for Atmos to fix that, and the city to come out and inspect it, our employees have no heat."

But La Bella Pizza in Amarillo turned out to have some luck from this storm. Owner Zack Wayman says, "It was really busy yesterday. Business almost doubled. It was way different than a normal Tuesday. "

Wayman says sales evened out because since they doubled Tuesday, they made up for closing Monday.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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