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Keeping your dog safe in the snow

You could put your dog's health at risk by leaving it out in the snow too long.

If you let your dog enjoy the snow with you, it could cause them pain and even health problems. Here's some information to keep in mind so your dog doesn't experience any injuries during these snowy days.

Small Animal Emergency Clinic Veterinarian Jenna Beyer says, "If dogs can't get out of the snow or ice, and they're having to stand it and be in it, they can get really cold paws or even frost bite. "

Beyer says dogs' paw pads can be irritated by the friction caused by walking on ice melt. She says, "If dogs eat the salt, then they could get something called salt toxicity, which is really dangerous. It causes swelling in their brain. And so you'll see behavior changes."

This can even cause seizures, weird behavior, and other neurological signs. Local vets say the dogs usually end up with an upset stomach, but get better with care.

Beyer says, "The best thing to do is just make sure they can get out of the cold, and the wind, and the snow, and the ice. If they have a doggy house, or even if they can bring them inside. Or a garage if they can't get inside all the way, would be the best thing."

If you're currently concerned, because your dog has already developed frostbite or eaten salt, this local vet says, "I would definitely take them to a vet today or as soon as you can get in there."

If you have questions or concerns about your dog, you can call Noah's Ark Pet Hospital (806) 457-9922.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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