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Pampa residents speak out against proposed affordable housing

Concerned residents of Pampa came out Wednesday evening to express their opinions about a proposed affordable housing project in their neighborhood.

It wasn't long after Overland Property Group proposed the construction of nearly 50 affordable housing apartment units in the northeast part of Pampa that residents responded. Most in disagreement.

"My two major concerns are crime rate and property value going down," said longtime resident of Pampa, Jerry Lindsey.

"It would increase the traffic so bad and the noise," added another concerned resident, Monica Roden.

Developing Partner for the Overland Property Group, Brett Johnson, came to dispel some of the rumors about how they'll be paid for.

"A lot of the misconception is that these are tax dollars and they're not," he said. "These are federal tax credits."

He also wanted to make it very clear that this project is not HUD housing and is being constructed under Section 42 Affordable Housing.

"These apartments, some of them, will be limited to people that make no more than 60 percent of the median income in Gray County," Johnson added. "Twenty percent of the units will be unrestricted and open to anyone, nurses, teacher, police and fire."

Some residents brought up concerns about traffic or general appearance.

"I'm afraid that in time it would turn into an eyesore," said Lindsey.

But others were more concerned about possible tenants, than the building.

"I'm also concerned that people who are on low income, I have just experienced it myself, if they're getting assistance of any kind they tend to not take care of their things," said Roden.

"You can't convince everyone," admitted Johnson. "Our goal is to get the information out there and let them do with it what they want."

"It will ruin our area because of the traffic and noise," added Roden. "And it will completely destroy our quiet and peaceful neighborhood in my opinion."

While the approval of that project hasn't been finalized, Johnson said if all goes well, it will be approved by the end of summer and construction will begin by the end of 2013.

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