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Bushland ISD approves bond for election

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AMARILLO - Taxpayers will have the final say on some potential changes to Bushland ISD when they vote on an $8.5 million bond.

Technology and security are the main issues that Bushland Superintendent Don Wood says are necessary upgrades.

"We're going to address the needs of the 21st century learner," Wood said.

More than $3.5 million would purchase tablet devices for every student in the district.

That price tag includes the cost of one replacement per tablet, plus upgrading ancient computers and putting smart boards in every classroom.

"We want technology in the hands of every student all day long," Wood said. "We feel like the 21st century going to be required to use technology from here on out."

The school board has been planning the specifics of this bond since last fall. Technology has always been a top priority, but security didn't make the list until December.

"At that time, it did not meet the cut. It's not something that we felt as a community was on the top burner, so we didn't need to address some of those things immediately. After Sandy Hook, community feelings changed," Wood said.

The district hired a liaison officer this month, but half a million dollars in the bond would add more fencing, more security cameras, upgrades to school entrances, and more.

"We've had several companies come out and give us estimates," Woods said. "And like I said, we went with what would be top notch and what would be the cost of something top notch."

Wood says the bond would cost taxpayers six to eight dollars a year if appraisals stay about the same. A small price to pay he says for a top notch education for Bushland children.