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Amarillo's "No Limits, No Excuses" Growing

Amarillo's "No Limits, No Excuses" is pushing for more people to land higher paying jobs.

Local businesses, organizations, non-profits, and schools partnered with "No Limits, No Excuses" united Tuesday to go over where our community stands in education and financial stability as well as how to help more people obtain higher paying jobs.

Chrystelle Nokam is a student at Amarillo College. She says, "It's helping me achieve my goals, my dreams with school because I like to study. I'd really like to be a pharmacist one day." This is just one of hundreds of students helped by "No Limits, No Excuses".

For the first time, partners put together a community report card so people can understand issues we're facing. Clay Stribling, President & CEO of Amarillo Area Foundation, says "It gives us an indication of what's working and what's not working in this initiative."

The report shows Amarillo has a lower unemployment rate than the state's, but also lower wages. Bonnie Gordon, MDC Senior Program Director & Post Secondary Success Project Director says, "That would suggest that there are a lot of people working at a wage level that is too low to support a family. And to be able to put something aside for, you know, for savings or for emergency."

They're trying to get more people working in well paying jobs. Stribling says, "We're trying to establish a framework that tells the student from the earliest age. Starting even in middle school. What is it that you're interested in. There are these jobs out there in our community that people need today. We need machinists, we need wind engineers, we need electrical power engineers."

The partnership is trying to help students continue education despite poverty, helping them land a good job. Gordon says, "This partnership has set a very high bar for other communities, but it's done so in a way that makes it very possible for other communities to learn from."

MDC, the national non-profit overseeing Amarillo's "No Limits, No Excuses", says the program is becoming an example for other cities in addressing community issues.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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