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Outstanding Warrant Roundup

Local residents with outstanding warrants will be receiving a notice in the mail starting this week.

Here's your chance to clear up any warrants with Amarillo's Police Department. A warrant roundup is going on throughout the state of Texas. There are more than 34,000 outstanding municipal court warrants in the city of Amarillo.

Starting this week, people with outstanding warrants will be receiving postcards in the mail for notification, and the opportunity to clear an issue. Amarillo Police will begin locating citizens who have an existing outstanding warrant on March 4th.

Amarillo Municipal Court Administrator Victoria Medley says, "We've had so many traffic violations and traffic accidents lately that it serves a valuable service to the public. Anything that's collected from that just goes right back into our general funding. It goes right back into helping the Amarillo Police Department, our road crews."

Officers say they'll be locating people anywhere they can be contacted including their home, or job. Traffic and parking citation fines, including those with warrants can be paid online.

If you have questions about a warrant, you can call the municipal court at (806) 378-9342.

Here's a link to the list of all Amarillo Municipal Court Warrants: Warrant List

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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