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Ink Life artist offers cosmetic tattoos to cancer patients

Medical tattooing has become a larger part of tattoo shows across the country, including the Ink Life Tour that's in Amarillo this weekend for a third straight year. A specialized skill that allows some cosmetic artists to turn body ink into more than just tattoos.

The entire human body is canvas for a tattoo artist, but Permanent Cosmetic Specialist Candy Dunbar focuses on the face.

"It looks like makeup," she said. "It looks better than makeup."

From eyebrows to eyeliner even lipstick, Dunbar has been doing cosmetic tattooing for 13 years. But for the past three, she started using her talents to help others.

"People who have had cancer, or who have had cancer in the past or any kind of medical problems that causes them to not grow their eyebrows or eyelashes back, I'm offering my services for free this weekend," said Dunbar.

The most common cosmetic procedure Dunbar said she performs on patients is tattooing their eyebrows, finishing the work in just about one hour. A procedure that normally costs anywhere from three to five hundred dollars, completely free of charge.

"It's awesome to see it when it's done and it's very rewarding when it's done," added Operations Manager for the Ink Life Tour George Galindo. "As an artist you feel really good to give somebody back a piece of their live they feel they lost."

Inking over a painful reminder...

"If you've been through that," said Dunbar, "you've been through enough."

And helping survivors bring some of their inside beauty...out.

"We want to be beautiful all the time, this makes them feel beautiful all the time."

Dunbar will be offering those services at the Ink Life Tour the rest of the weekend. It opens at noon Saturday and Sunday and will close at 11:00 p.m.

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