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More women using morning-after pill

Amarillo, Texas - In the last 10 years, the number of women using the morning-after pill has more than doubled.

Eleven percent of sexually active women have taken the morning-after pill according to a report released Thursday by the Center for Disease Control. That number was just a mere four percent back in 2002 when the pill was still new on the market.

But, it is younger women who are taking the emergency contraceptive the most.

One in nine sexually active women have taken the morning after pill, but among those in their early 20s, one in every four has.

"As people become professionals and are older, they really take a more comprehensive beforehand view of what they are going to be needing in one month, two months, three months in terms of their health care," Dr. Brian Eades, Women's Healthcare Associates says.

Dr. Eades says most younger women don't think the same.

"I think those that are in high school, and in college tend to kind of just take things as they happen, and so they're not planning ahead as much. I think that's why Plan B has been used more because it allows people to deal with the issue without really having to plan ahead or think about it ahead of time," Eades says.

Forty one percent of those women said they've taken the Plan B pill twice if not more.

The pill is a high-dose version of birth control pills. Eades says taken often, it could have harmful effects.

"Well, I think every time you use the morning-after pill, it has an effect of effecting your hormonal status. And so, what you'll see is it can sure mess up the following cycles in the months that follow for a month or two. And so, it's not a good substitute for just getting on a routine birth control," Eades says.

Visiting with your doctor about a routine form of birth control is suggested to women. The morning after-pill is intended as an emergency contraceptive.

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