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Maintaining "super fleas" in winter months

Amarillo, Texas - Some pet owners are calling it a "super flea".

Animal owners don't expect fleas and ticks to be a problem in winter months, but recently they've been popping up. Not only have people across the country said their pet's flea medications seem to not be working anymore, but also right here in the panhandle some owners are agreeing.

Usually winter months bring relief from these pests, but they are still sticking around. Some people are even calling them super fleas.

We spoke with area veterinarians today to learn more about this super flea, and we found out, they don't really exist. Doctor Merten Pearson says owners need to do more than just apply a medication to their pets, even in winter months.

"If all you're doing is treating the adults that are on the pet, you've left 95%of that flea population untouched. So, if you want to control fleas you've got to attack in multiple places to try to break that life cycle in multiple places," Merten Pearson, DVM says.

Dr. Pearson says fleas will still live and reproduce on pets who are inside during winter months. Owners need to target all life cycles of fleas to get rid of them.

Medications are still working effectively killing adult fleas, but treating the inside of your home, especially in winter months for that 95% of fleas not on your animal will reduce the problem.

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