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State's largest insurer under scrutiny

Texas - Some policy holders in Texas could soon be paying less after the state's largest insurer is under scrutiny.

State Farm insures one in six homes in Texas.

That's why a recent rate increase of around 20% for some of its over one million customers is raising concerns.

Now the state's insurance commissioner is being asked to hold a hearing and order State Farm to pull back on its change that went into effect during November and December.

Insurers must notify the Texas Department of Insurance about rate increases and are allowed to begin using the new rates while the state reviews them.

There have been other issues cited; such as, State Farm's recent decision to set a new minimum deductible of 1 percent for homeowners policies, which could possibly give the insurer an even higher profit margin.

The company also has an extremely wide variation in rates.

State Farm says in their defense they made the change because they've experienced an increased number of claims across the state and higher roof-replacement costs from hail storms.

A comparison of homeowner rates in the Dallas-Fort Worth area found that State Farm had the highest rates among All-State, Farmers, Travelers and USAA.

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