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Property tax exemptions available for disabled veterans

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As veterans continue to return home from service, there are more and more exemptions for those who come home disabled. But some exemptions are often overlooked.

The number of veterans applying for the property tax exemption is growing. But even then, many disabled vets go without these exemptions for years, simply because they don't know they're available.

Larry Teague, a US Navy veteran from the Vietnam era returned home a changed man.

"During that time there was a possibility that I was exposed to agent orange and so as a result of that I've got a 40 percent disability," he said.

Something for years he didn't know could qualify him for property tax exemption.

"Before I get assigned to the VA Medical System," continued Teague, "I didn't even know that this exemption may be a part of my life."

Now, Teague is one of some 2,100 area disabled veterans receiving exemptions on their property. Jim Childers with the Potter-Randall County Appraisal District says the U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs notifies veterans about their level of disability about this time each year.

"Based on the amount of disability a veteran has, there's a varying degree of the amount of exemption they can have off of their property," explained Childers. "That basically ranges from $5,000 exemption up to a $12,000 exemption."

"With today's taxes anything that can help your taxes is welcomed," added Teague. "And in this particular case it's my understanding that I get an exemption of about $7,500 of the valuation of my property."

A hefty chunk of change for these disabled vets to help take the weight off their wallets and help heal their hearts.

"Anything that you can do and any term of exemption whether it's VA or Senior Citizen or whatever, it helps, it helps a lot," said Teague.

"That's one way that all of us," added Childers, "The rest of the property owners in Texas can

Kind of say we give back to you a little bit."

Disabled vets with questions about how to qualify for an exemption can call the Potter-Randall County Appraisal District office at 358-1601 for more information.