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Amarillo school finance

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Amarillo schools say they need to provide students with more help on academics after looking at STAAR testing results, but they'll have a difficult time doing so because of the tight budget they're on.

Amarillo schools are dealing with new challenges as budget cuts continue affecting them.

They say they need to provide remediation instruction for students, after school or during summer, so they can perform better on STAAR exams.

This would help students on subjects they're struggling with. Superintendent Rod Schroder says in order to do so, they need to hire more teachers and spend around $1,100 for every student.

But they just don't have the funds to make it happen. Schroder says, "We cut back the campus allotments. So there are less field trips. And those types of experiences for students. But the real press is on how do we find the money to re-mediate students who need remediation."

The superintendent says they're considering increasing the number of class periods to provide students with that extra help. He says the legislature is looking into giving back $2 billion to compensate some of the $5.4 billion cut in school funding.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.