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Combating concussions among student athletes in Texas

Texas - Sports-related head injuries are gaining attention this morning after a discussion was brought up right before the Super Bowl.

President Obama says if he had a son, he's not sure wether he would want him to play football.

That's because the risks from suffering a concussion has gained attention in recent years.

But now, big changes to better protect athletes are underway.

The commissioner of the National Football League says they are changing the rules to make sure equipment being used is the best possible.

They aren't just trying to make football safer at the NFL level, but all levels, and other sports.

One thing being discussed is a concussion-proof helmet.

New legislation is also being introduced in Texas.

State Representative Eddie Lucio III filed a bill to limit high school and middle school football programs to one full contact practice per week.

He also recently filed a bill establishing baseline testing that would be used when determining a student-athletes' return to play after suffering a concussion.

Both bills aim to protect young athletes and prevent the harm caused by undiagnosed concussions.

Studies show when someone is not diagnosed and treated, it could lead to severe brain damage.

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