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Amarillo teens rise 'Above the Influence"

Local teens are rising "Above the Influence" and Saturday, many of them came together to promote being drug free.

Saturday afternoon, Impact Futures hosted it's Above the Influence Teen Expression Project at the Texas Academy of Performing Arts. Six high schools competed in the expression project and Saturday, they all displayed their artwork that represents different things or reasons they stay drug free. Organizers say the more teens talk about being above the influence, the more likely it is to become their lifestyle.

"I think when a kid takes ownership of something, like "Above the Influence", I think their attitudes become more anti-drug," said LaViza Matthews, Project Director for Impact Futures. "Because it becomes more normal natural to them to do the right thing. Instead of falling to peer pressure, and doing something else just to fit in."

Above the Influence is a national campaign, but this is the first time Impact Futures has hosted an event like this in Amarillo.

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