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Amarillo experiments with LED street lights

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AMARILLO - Some Amarillo streets are better lit after the city made some energy efficient upgrades Thursday. It's part of a new pilot-program with the city and Xcel Energy that could save money and electricity.

The street lamps on a stretch of South Georgia, from 45th to 58th Street, are now white LED lights.

The city will analyze the performance of the LED's before deciding whether or not to upgrade all street lamps.   

Xcel crews made the upgrades today near businesses on Georgia, as well as in a residential neighborhood near South Georgia Elementary School.
LED lights shine brighter, so residents in the area will be able to give their feedback on if they think they're too bright during this 18 month pilot program.

The trial also aims to figure out if the upgrade is worth it when it comes to saving money.

"LEDs can be a little more expensive. They're a little newer technology. So instead of just going in with a new LED rate for the city, we decided to do a pilot project to see what type of performance we can get out of these lights," said Xcel Energy spokesperson Wes Reeves.

Amarillo has already changed most of the traffic lights in town to LEDs. They've saved about $39,000 a month since making those changes.

Xcel says they're also trying these new street lights out in Minnesota, and the only complaint so far is from residents who say the LEDs are too bright for a neighborhood.