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Coffee Memorial Blood Center in need of donors after wreck

AMARILLO - Coffee Memorial Blood Center is in desperate need of blood donors after a truck crashed Wednesday morning, canceling a blood drive.
Five employees were on their way to Oklahoma for a blood drive around 8 A.M., when they hit a patch of black ice, causing the truck to roll on its side and into the median.

All five employees are expected to be just fine, But after having to cancel the Oklahoma blood drive, and shutting other drives down early yesterday for weather, the center is short on blood.

"It would really help the blood supply, which is really not that good right now, if donors could come in here to the center and help us make up for the loss of these blood drives," said Coffee Memorial Blood Center CEO Joe McCormick.

The blood center on Wallace Boulevard extended their hours to 7 p.m. Wednesday.
There will be a drive on the West Texas A&M campus Thursday, as well as Oklahoma
Panhandle State University.
O+, O- and A- are the blood types in critical need. The blood center says they need all the help they can get.

"We've had to restructure our schedule going forward because we don't know how long the staff will be out," said McCormick. "You know, thank god their injuries were not worse."

The center needs about 100 units of blood a day to supply the 31 facilities they serve in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles. Losing Wednesday's blood drive cost the center about 40 units.

The truck is a total loss, and approximately $60,000 worth of equipment is damaged or broken.

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