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Turn your bedroom into a getaway

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By Kristen J. Gough
From Completely You

Your master bedroom should be your oasis from the rest of the world. And yet it's often the last room in the house to get a good makeover since guests aren't usually traipsing through it.

To create your own bedroom getaway, try some of these decorating ideas.

1. Give it texture.

Using different textures -- silk, cotton, wool -- throughout your master bedroom creates a richer, more luxurious feel.

For your bedding, look for an accent blanket to drape over your bed and add cushions, if you don't already have some. Or if your cushions are a solid color, use inexpensive, textured pillow covers. On the walls, consider framing pieces of fabric -- the more interesting, the better.

2. Hang drapes.

Drapes aren't just for windows anymore. To add a lush, romantic touch to your bedroom, hang a couple of curtains on either side of the bed behind the nightstands.

If there's no door to your closet, use drapes to separate the space and make it more interesting.

3. Put up mirrors.

If you're looking to open up the space in your bedroom, add a floor-length mirror for instant breathing room.

To give the room more light, hang a mirror about the same size as your window on an adjacent wall. The mirror will reflect the light, bathing the room in a natural glow.

4. Hang candle sconces.

Candles add warmth to your bedroom -- even when they're not lit. Decorative candle sconces are available in a number of shapes to match the mood you want to create, whether it's classic, modern, or eclectic.

5. Paint the ceiling.

For a simple way to make your bedroom cozier, paint the ceiling the same color (or a shade lighter) as your bedroom walls.

Want to make the room look bigger? Add a fresh coat of white paint to the ceiling.

6. Screen it.

Add some Hollywood glam or channel the Orient by using a folding screen. Not only can a folding screen make its own statement, but it can also define the space in your room. If you have a corner that just needs some extra pizzazz, place a screen in front of it. Or create your own dressing area with a sturdy folding screen made out of wood.

7. Hide your clutter.

Shoes, books, the kids' toys -- they all find their way to your bedroom and pile up there. And who can relax while looking over a sea of stuff?

One simple solution is baskets with lids or that are deep enough you won't spy the mess inside. Plastic storage bins that fit under the bed are also a great place to stash away odds and ends.

For more great decorating ideas, please visit Ideas That Spark.

Kristen J. Gough is Completely You's mom blogger. A mom of three, she is an award-winning writer whose work has appeared in Parenting, Parents, KIWI, and other national and regional publications. Follow her family's culinary adventures on her blog, MyKidsEatSquid.

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