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Wounded servicemen hunt exotic game at Clarendon ranch

Saturday, two veterans were given the opportunity to participate in a hunting trip put on for them by "Combat Marine Outdoors", an organization that helps put on hunting and outdoor trips for wounded warriors.

The veterans were in Clarendon at J-Bar-J Ranch hunting exotic game. One vet explained why trips like this one means so much in a wounded warriors life.

"It gets you back into knowing that just because you body is different, maybe you lost an arm, maybe you lost a leg ... that life isn't over," said Army Lt. Ryan Brunett. "You can still do the things you love to do. And that is a big things for guys. Knowing you can still do the things you enjoy lets you continues with life."

A local business, ASCO, helped make this trip possible through donations and they were at the ranch today supporting the vets. They shared with us why it's so important to make trips like this possible.

"Well I think they need to know that we still support them, that we are still thinking about them even though they are no longer serving they are still in our thoughts and our prayers and we want to help them enjoy life and get back to life and get back into the community," said Courtney Vanderham, the group's Director of Philanthropy.

Another veteran explained how great the hunting trip has been, just for a change of atmosphere and being able to get out of the hospital for awhile.

"Its absolutely incredible getting away from the hospital environment and everything out there, you know its the same thing everyday...over and over," said Marines Lt. Cpl. Blake Watson. "This out here is better therapy you could receive in any doctors office or hospital. The animal part, that is just the icing on the cake. Getting out here with a bunch of other men who appreciate what you have done and everything, its just a great feeling, I wouldn't trade it for the world," he said.

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