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Area city's economy growing strong

The area's booming oil and gas industry is translating into a strong economy for an area city.

Dozens of people continue to move to Pampa for oil and gas related jobs. Many are bringing their family with them. And it's creating a strong, growing economy for Pampa.

Greater Area Pampa Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Lori Gyurnek Byrne says, "They need a place to stay. They need a place to shop, and to go eat. And so overall, Pampa has seen growth everywhere." There have been steady increases in tourism, retail, the housing market, and sales tax and hotel-motel tax revenues in recent months.

Also, companies within Pampa are adding to the economy and housing market; One brought more than 100 people. Pampa Director of Public Works Donny Hooper says, "We're starting to see zoning requests and platting, re-platting requests. And things that we don't normally see when we were stagnant in our growth." This means the city is receiving requests to redesign and configure layouts of undeveloped properties so they can fit the developer's plan.

Hooper says, "We've seen an interest from some developers that are interested in coming here and possibly putting in some subdivisions. We've got some interest from an apartment complex this morning to build here. We've got a group of people that are tearing down the old junior high school, and they're going to put in duplexes there. So we've seen some things that we haven't seen in the past 10 years."

The old junior high school, Byrne says, "It has been sold to a local business. And they do plan to develop it for both commercial and residential." Pampa Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Clay Rice says, "The continuing development of the oil and gas region, oil and gas industry, is going to continue to help manufacturing grow. Agriculture is strong. We have many areas that are continuing to increase. We have some good diversification. So we see some more many positive months ahead of us."

The wind farms coming to the area are being looked at as an additional driver for Pampa's economy.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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