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Potential changes to liquor store sales

Texas - Area liquor stores could soon open earlier and be open for an extra day but it's also stirring up some controversy.

House Bill 421 was proposed to lawmakers this legislative session and aims to allow the nearly 2,500 liquor stores in Texas to sell and distribute on Sundays from noon until 10 PM.

The measure would also extend the operating hours during the rest of the week.

State Representative Senfronia Thompson of Houston is sponsoring the bill and says it has the potential to increase state revenue by more than 8 million dollars.

However, the proposal also has its share of critics.

Some liquor stores are against the idea because they like having one day off.

Some Republicans say we don't need to balance the state budget by getting people to drink more.

But Thompson claims research proves there's no negative social impact, like increased drunken driving from an extra day of sales.

Grocery and convenience stores are already allowed to sell beer and wine after noon on Sundays.

More than 35,000 restaurants and bars in Texas sell alcohol every Sunday as well.

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