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Nearly 70 animals seized from Dalhart woman for possible cruelty

A woman could soon be facing animal cruelty charges in two different Panhandle counties after nearly 70 animals were seized from her property in Dalhart this week.

Neighbors told NewsChannel 10 the woman's name is Kerri Arroyo. They were also quick to say she's been a nuisance to their neighborhood for years, endangering hundreds of animals.

"I've seen Kerri with multiple dogs in the backyard, some have died from exposure, some from heat and some from cold," said Del Marie Snyder, who lives just two houses down from the woman. "I've seen litters of puppies dead, I've seen them drag dead cows or calves out and I understand there was a horse dead in the trailer yesterday."

After enough evidence was present, 68 animals - ranging from dogs and livestock to ferrets and turtles - were seized from her home in Dalhart on Tuesday.

"There was an excessive amount of dogs and other violations that amounted to animal cruelty," explained Lt. Detective Michael Ford with the Dalhart Police Department.

But this isn't the first time Arroyo has had run-ins with the law for animal cruelty. Less than one month ago, she had 32 dogs, one deceased, seized from a different property in Potter County. Going back even further, she's also been known in Dalhart for this kind of illegal activity.

"About a year or so ago, we had another incident where we had confiscated some animals that were being housed in a cruel manner in a garage as well," added Lt. Ford.

According to her neighbors, it's been happening for even longer than that.

"About two years ago, we started complaining to Animal Control and even going so gar as to fill out affidavits for the police department," said Snyder.

The stench from the animals inside the house, garage and backyard got so bad neighbors say they could smell it not just one but two houses down.

"We were just devastated by the smell," added Snyder. "And the flies this past summer were just horrible."

But the animals aren't the only reason for concern anymore. CPS was also called to the woman's home on Tuesday and took the woman's three kids until living conditions improved significantly.

"I've not seen them clean ever," said Snyder. "I wouldn't send my children to school like she sends her children to school. She's just not stable in my opinion."

"It's my understanding that they are in another location at this time," added Lt. Ford.

Leaving that home empty, for now.

"The past 3 mornings have been heaven," said Snyder. "Not hearing all of the racket from the animals and the birds and the dogs,. It's been nice to be able to just sit on the porch with coffee and just have peace and quiet."

All of those animals were taken to the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society, however, a lot have already been adopted, and all they have left are some of the dogs.

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