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Local attorney to fight cell phone ban violations

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Amarillo, Texas - A local attorney will fight the first violation of Amarillo's ban on hand-held cell phone use while behind the wheel.

In less than a month citations will begin being issued for violators of Amarillo's cell phone ordinance.

But local attorney, Adam Tisdell, says he will gladly represent whoever receives the first citation.

Tisdell says his main problem with the ordinance is that it is written too vaguely. He questions the enforcement of the ordinance in determining the difference between someone who is initiating a call, which is allowed under the ordinance, and someone who is text messaging. He tell us it needs to be rewritten to be more specific.

"I could be pulled over because maybe the cop thinks I'm text messaging someone. I don't want to be pulled over every time I look down, or every time I look for my water bottle. So I think the law not only needs to be repealed and voted on, but it needs to be drastically rewritten to cover all those situations," Tisdell says.

Tisdell says he will represent that first person for free, and other cases for a reasonable fee.

Cell phone petition organizers are also out collecting more signatures at 34th and Georgia.