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Video Technology Helps Panhandle Veterans

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AMARILLO - New technology is helping out panhandle veterans. It's called clinical video telehealth.

CVT is video technology that allows patients to have appointments on an high definition TV screen, something very convenient for veterans who live in rural areas.
It's just like any other doctor's appointment, except the doctor is miles away. Instead of driving hours to the main facility in Amarillo, patients can come to small clinics and be seen by a specialist through HD video technology.

The Amarillo VA started using this technology over a year ago for simple medication management. But now...

"We are on to something that can work for almost everyone," said Dr. Michael Lambert, Chief of VA's Mental Health Service.

CVT is used for everything from group counseling, post-traumatic stress disorder treatment,  compensation and pension meetings, and more.

"We started this in mental health last year and since then we have more than tripled the visits and encounters that we've been providing," Lambert said. "We've provided more than 400 video and telehealth encounters so far since the beginning of October."
Right now there are CVT studios in Lubbock, Childress, Clovis, and Amarillo.

Amarillo's VA Medical Center serves an area much larger than NewsChannel 10's viewing area, so it saves a lot of time and money for both patients and the VA.

"We've had one hundred percent positive feedback about using this technology," Lambert said.

The VA says this technology has seen such success in their medical centers across the nation, similar technology will soon be used in the battlefield to connect injured soldiers with the specialists they need.