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WTAMU develops bomb threat evacuation plan

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AMARILLO - West Texas A&M students can expect an evacuation drill in the near future.

With several bomb threats on college campuses across the nation late last year, including the University of Texas in Austin and Texas A&M at College Station, West Texas A&M is making sure it would be prepared for such a threat.

"The university administration here has directed that we have a plan in place here and that we exercise that plan," said WTAMU Director of Police Operations, Patrick Coggins.

The A&M system made it a requirement that all of its schools take a look at their plans after last year's scare, something that WTAMU had never done.

"If there was a plan in place previously, I wasn't aware of it for evacuating campus," Coggins said. "And I don't mean to sound flippant about it, but it's not rocket science. If you evacuate something, you leave it."

The plan details bus routes to get pedestrians off campus, and assignments to local law enforcement for directing traffic and sweeping buildings.Those details were sent out in a mass email Wednesday night, something that didn't seem to concern many students who say they already feel safe.

"I checked my email today and I didn't read it," said WTAMU student Logan Canterbury. "UPD does a pretty good job of notifying us."      

WTAMU police say they will check for flaws in their plan when they perform a full evacuation drill in the near future.