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Bushland ISD looks to step up security on campus

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas

Amarillo, Texas - The Potter County Sheriff's request to beef up security in a panhandle school is granted at the Potter County Commissioner's Court meeting.

Sheriff Brian Thomas tells us when he took office four years ago, having a liaison officer in all schools in the county was something he wanted.

And it wasn't about some schools overlooking safety, rather it was a budget issue.

But with the recent negative activity in schools throughout the country, many parents are concerned.

Bushland moms and dads gathered together for a meeting last month, and Sheriff Thomas says he's never seen so many parents show up wanting to be heard.

Sheriff Thomas says, "the reason for that was because of the Connecticut school shooting. I went to a meeting in Bushland in December, right after that Connecticut shooting. They had a parent meeting of about 120 parents. The topic was school safety."

There were several solutions promoting school safety, and a main was a liaison officer, many parents believing it to be a "true necessity."

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