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Local fourth grader takes on reading feat

Panhandle, Texas - Watching television, playing video games or being on the internet are how many kids spend their free time. But an area fourth grader is taking reading to a whole new level.

More than 300 books and close to 7 million words are what Raylee Mitchell has accomplished this school year alone. A feat the Panhandle Elementary School Principal and Librarian say they've never seen anyone else accomplish.

Raylee checks out around three books every day from the school's library.

Books are assigned a certain number of points based on reading level and difficulty. She currently has just over 1,000 points, which is close to 200 more than what she read all of last school year.

"You can pick any topic in the whole world, and like you can pursue it. There are probably like 100 books on every subject, at least. And, I just want to say that reading takes you into a world on imagination, and it really helps you in school," Raylee Mitchell says.

Raylee tells us by the time she moves on to junior high she hopes to have read half the books in the school's library.

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