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Google panhandle wind farm investment

Kenneth Starcher, WTAMU Kenneth Starcher, WTAMU

Amarillo, Texas - Google invests 200 million dollars in a panhandle wind farm.

The energy expected to come from the Spinning Spur Wind Project every year is predicted to be able to run a car more than 190 thousand times around the world.

And the investment won't only help bring in more jobs, but it will also save us tax dollars.

The total amount of taxes being collected out of Oldham County will still be the same, but a lot of it will now be coming from the wind farm.

And in the panhandle we're going to see the wind stabilize energy prices.

Kenneth Starcher from the energy institute at WTAMU says, "that is, they're not going to have an increase in price over time from this wind farm, so they can count on it to offset any changes that may happen on natural gas or coal prices."

He says the more energy we are able to make, the more we can sell to bigger Texas cities, leading to major growth in our area.

Starcher expects we will see twice as many wind turbines in the panhandle over the next three years.

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