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Potter County seizes 30 dogs for possible animal cruelty

Investigations continued Wednesday after more than 30 dogs were seized from a property in the Valle De Oro area of Potter County.

Potter County discovered the animals after they were tipped off by the owner of the land. He was renting the property to a woman who didn't live on it, but instead just used it to house the dogs, leaving them there in conditions so poor, officials had no choice to be intervene immediately.

"Oh there were all kinds of dogs," said Executive Director of the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society, Jena McFall. "There were two shepherd mixes, their five puppies, one dead puppy on scene that had frozen to death."

"Feces on the ground, some of the animals were injured, being neglected, emaciated, starved," explained Deputy Brent McCollum, Estray Officer with the Potter County Sheriff's Office. 

On December 21st, all 31 living dogs were seized and taken to the Humane Society where they were examined. None of the animals were in bad enough shape to be placed in the Quarantine Area however almost all of them scored as low as one's and two's on the body score exam on a scale of one to five, three being optimal health. There, they waited for the outcome of yesterday's court hearing.

"At the time, in lieu of the fines being assessed towards here for housing these animals," added Deputy McCollum. "The judge and the county attorney's office waived those fees provided she turn and surrender those animals over the to humane society, which she did."

Leaving the animals at the shelter and the woman, for now, off the hook.

"At this time, to my knowledge there is nothing preventing this individual from owning other dogs," said McCollum.

"Oh yes, she can get more dogs," said McFall. "There was no ruling as to that she cannot own dogs in this county so she can get more."

Potter County is continuing to investigate and could eventually file charges against the dog's owner for animal cruelty. But some feel, that may not be enough.

"But then she could just move to a different county until each county caught here and from what I understand that's what's been happening. She just moves from county to county," said McFall. "There probably should be stricter laws, but then each county would have to make their own laws."

A cruel and confusing case that so far has left many to wonder what most do when it comes to animal cruelty... Why?

"Eventually it will have to come out," said McFall.

Despite being treated poorly, all of the dogs are very friendly and love people. Now, they're all currently up for adoption at the Humane Society. You can reach them at 373-1716 or stop by their office at 3501 S. Osage.

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