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Flu medicine needs

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Amarillo, Texas - Some pharmacies are having trouble getting their hands on one of the few medicines known to fight the flu.

A main medicine to treat the seasonal illness is Tamiflu, and the liquid form is nearly impossible to find for Amarillo pharmacies.

Amarillo Urgent Care says they are seeing 30 plus flu patients a day.

A local pharmacy tells us they received a shipment of Tamiflu just yesterday, and the bottles are quickly disappearing.

But even with local flu cases on the rise, a local pharmacy tell us, they're prepared.

Israel Gamboa of Walgreens Pharmacy says, "Tamiflu is available in a capsule form. It's also available in suspension for children. As far as it being harder to obtain, it's due to manufacture shortage. We are able to compensate for that via compounding. We use the capsules to make the suspension in times of shortages like now ."

The liquid form is designed for children, but Gamboa says a majority of their flu patients thus far have been adults.

He told us nearly 60 percent of patients per day have been people with the flu.