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More red light cameras coming to Amarillo

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo City Commissioners voted four to one Tuesday to add more red light cameras to intersections around town.

Be ready to say cheese if you blow through a red light at three more intersections in Amarillo. Those will include Amarillo Boulevard at Fillmore and Pierce Streets, and at South Taylor and Southeast 10th Street. The camera will also be removed from Pierce Street at Southeast 3rd and be replaced with Amarillo Boulevard at Tascosa Road.

Traffic commission members say the criteria they look for at intersections is the traffic volume, number of violations issued, and number of accidents that have occurred.

Businesses at one new camera intersection are saying they are glad a camera is coming.

"Definitely. I'm glad. I've been here like I said 15 years. When they put them out the first time, I was thinking we were going to get one here. And, it needs to be here. It's a very dangerous intersection," Kenneth Graham, manager at Castle Furniture says.

Graham also told us he has seen the most accidents at that intersection.

Traffic commission members say the current cameras have been effective in making intersections safer. They will continue to look at more intersections to add cameras to.

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