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83rd Texas Legislature to begin

Austin will be home for the next 140 days to state representatives and senators as the 83rd Legislative session starts Tuesday.

State lawmakers have suggested many hot topic issues.

One of those being to ban abortion after 20 weeks. Texas Right to Life is endorsing a bill to stop abortion after the 20th week, stating the fetus can feel pain around that time. Governor Rick Perry is expected to push the "fetal pain" bill possibly as an emergency item to fast track the measure.

Another issue on the agenda is the drought most of the state has been in since 2011. The Texas Water Plan requires $29 billion in state spending for drought related projects over the next 50 years. State Rep. Lyle Larson, R-San Antonio, has filed a bill to draw $1 billion or more from the Rainy Day Fund to help finance water projects. It is unlikely that a conservative-led Legislature will supplement water projects with a new tax or fees.

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