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Amarillo TxDOT employees travel south to help fight icy roads

While Amarillo only a few snow flurries Friday, areas of far West Texas were still battling severe winter weather, making driving conditions dangerous.

Twelve employees from the Texas Department of Transportation Amarillo District office were sent to aid in that fight against snow and ice near the El Paso District.

They left Friday afternoon to be a part of what TxDOT is calling the "One-DOT".

It's not the first time Amarillo TxDOT employees have been sent across the state to help handle a disaster. From Dallas to Texarkana, Amarillo has shared its employees and their skills. It's called the "One-DOT".

"It started with snowstorms just a few years ago but we've been doing this for many, many years when there are hurricanes or other natural disasters," said TxDOT Spokesperson Paul Braun. "We have crews and trucks from all the districts to the affected areas. And it's kind of paying it forward because we know that they're going to come here and help us out."

During massive snow events, like the one near El Paso, other districts are quick to call on Amarillo.

"Other people around the state have called our guys the Amarillo snow plow cowboys," added Braun.

Of the many hats they wear, training hats are some of the most important. Braun says along with learning in a snow plow simulator, other districts down-state frequently send their workers up to Amarillo to ride along with our snow plow operators.

"They get an idea of what it takes to remove snow," he said. "What kind of plan of attack they should go at what kind of chemicals they should use, when they should use them."

So the next time a snowstorm hits anywhere in the state, we'll all be ready.

"We can be ready," Braun said. "And we can hit it professionally, safely, and effectively."

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