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Myths about the flu shot

Amarillo, Texas - It is not possible for the flu shot to actually give you the flu, that's according to a local pharmacist.

The flu shot made me sick, or it has kept me healthy for years.

These are only a couple of several comments on our facebook page when we asked for opinions about the controversial shot.

Truett Simmons from Martin-Tipton Pharmacy says the shot can give you an allergic reaction, which a lot of people associate with the flu.

It's an inactive vaccine, so it can't replicate within your body.

And in regards to people still getting sick even though they've had the shot.

Simmons says, "every year they only have a certain amount of strains that they're trying to protect with the flu. They don't know for sure that's going to be the strain that comes out, you know whenever flu season comes around. It's kind of like a guessing game. So just because you got the flu shot doesn't mean that the strains that are going to be around are the ones that you're protected against."

Another pharmacy tells us taking vitamin D-3 is an alternative to the flu shot, as well as diet and exercise.

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