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FBI suspects ANB robbery suspect in Wells Fargo robbery

AMARILLO - The arrest of 32-year-old Anton Peterson Wednesday makes two of three bank robberies in Amarillo have a suspect in custody.
An Oklahoma man was arrested Tuesday night charged with robbing the Bank of America at 3601 South Washington. Peterson is charged with aggravated robbery of the Amarillo National Bank on Soncy on Saturday.The Wells Fargo at 2000 S. Washington was robbed Monday.

Amarillo National Bank Fraud Investigator and Security Officer Jerry Ivy says the FBI told him that Peterson is also the suspect for the Wells Fargo Robbery, and they're investigating the two crimes as one case.

NewsChannel 10 called FBI Public Affairs Officer Katherine Chaumont. She confirmed Ivy's claims. The FBI says Peterson is the suspect in the Wells Fargo case as well.

"Once there was a tip of who he was and where he was, they were able to pull his driver's license picture," Ivy said. "They had a line-up of six people, had the tellers go to the police department and positively identify them. The Wells Fargo girl picked him out as her robber, too."

Amarillo National Bank uses a private security company, that keeps guards at all branches when they are open. They also have a room with a security officer reviewing cameras of the Plaza banks downtown. It's also there that the bank is notified when a teller hits the panic button, indicating a robbery.
"Our teller did everything right," Ivy said.

Nine minutes before that robbery though, the security cameras at the Coulter branch caught the same suspect walking into the store. He walked past a uniformed security officer who greeted him at the door, asked the teller quick question, then left peacefully.

The security guard at the Soncy branch was in the bathroom when the suspect came in the store.

"Us and the police felt pretty sure that he was local because he was at each location so quick, " Ivy said. "He knew his way around town. He wasn't just some guy."

Amarillo National Bank plans to add exterior security cameras at all branches, something Happy State Bank already has.

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