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New York newspaper publishes gun permit holders, sparks outrage

Names of all the handgun permit holders in two New York counties are now available for all to see thanks to The News Journal, a New York Newspaper.

Despite the concerns of many, those actions are legal in New York but not here in Texas. There are only three areas in the U.S. that actually require people to obtain a permit before they can own a handgun. Those include California, New York, and Washington D.C. and those permits are public record in those locations.

However, in the State of Texas, residents do not have to have a permit to simply own a handgun. Therefore, there's no public list of handgun owners. Something one local gun shop owner says is often a misconception when someone purchases a gun.

"It's a misnomer that when people fill out a 4473 that that gun is now registered with the federal government or whatever and it is not," explained Burnie Stokes, owner of Panhandle Gunslingers in Amarillo. "That paperwork stays within the store that sells the gun and it has to stay as part of their records from now on."

The State of Texas does however keep a record of those who have a license to carry concealed. But that information is confidential and is not subject to requests under the Public Information Act.

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