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Holiday sales down in Amarillo

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Amarillo, Texas - Holiday sales are down at several local shops.

We spoke with many shop owners over the past couple days and they all said foot traffic and holiday spending are down compared to last year.

And holiday shoppers play a large part in a business's yearly success.

Krista Silva from Lilly Finch says, "the last quarter for retail is usually the biggest in sales. Holiday plays a big part in that because people are out shopping and buying gifts and everything. Whenever holiday sales are down, it kind of messes up your entire year."

The slow business in all of these local shops has been attributed to Internet shopping and the economy.

Amarillo depends on a lot of business from surrounding towns.

And with the Internet playing such a large role in people's day to day lives, many shop owners believe they're choosing to shop on their lap tops instead of hopping in the car and dealing with crowds.

But some were surprised to hear of the low holiday sales.

Patrick Ware of Amarillo National Bank says, "Amarillo's economy is doing quite well. We are up about 4,000 jobs from last year and wages are up. I think November was the best home sales since 2009. So all the numbers that we're seeing are that they economy has improved."

Ware agrees the decrease in sales can mainly be attributed to the Internet, as well as the fiscal cliff everyone is talking about.

The drop in sales and customer interest can leave businesses having to make unexpected adjustments that could have long term effects.

Silva says, "we did several sales that we hadn't expected to do until after the holiday season, but we had to do them to kind of drive people in and get them shopping in store."

A survey says US holiday sales have been the weakest since 2008.

And as of today, American's have spent nearly 22 billion dollars holiday shopping online.

There are still a few days left this holiday season, and some local retailers are hoping for the best.