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Holiday leftovers keep drains and plumber's schedules packed

While the rest of us are still coming out of our Christmas food comas, local plumbers like Pat Peralez with Allen's Tri-State Mechanical are busy fishing all of the leftovers out of your drains.

"Instead of simply throwing it away in the trash can, they think it can go down the garbage disposal," said Peralez. "Your pipe is only an inch and a half and it doesn't take much to stop that up.

From rice to potato peels, several local plumbers say it's common to get swamped with service calls for clogged drains during the holidays.

"I know they say you can put anything down there but if you put it all at once you're going to stop it up and you're going to have to call a plumber out there and we're going to have to get it taken care of for you," said Peralez.

Pair those drain problems with frozen pipes all over town and that makes for a busy day for this line of work, especially when repairing it can't wait.

"I probably ran 36 hours this week," he said. "The place we're at doesn't have hot water and it has too to meet health inspections.

If homeowners aren't careful, they could run into their own set of problems.

"If it's a concrete slab house, nine times out of 10 the pipes will burst on top of the slab," Peralez added. "You can come home to an indoor swimming pool and that's not good for anybody."

So let your drains drip and throw your food in the trash, otherwise you wallet might end up there too.

"You might have a little extra water bill but at the same token, you're not going to cause any water damage because if you get water damage then you get bacteria and everything else, mold buildup," he added. "And we don't want that inside anybody's home."

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