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City combats snow without plows

AMARILLO- The aftermath of Tuesday's winter storm remains all over Amarillo city streets. TxDOT snow plows were a common sight Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving many wondering where the city plows are.
"There's really not enough snow out there to warrant plowing," Amarillo Street Superintendent Chris Mitchell said. "Because once you start to plow the snow, now you've got more equipment out there, you're trying to drag that snow across the road, and with the traffic and so forth it becomes dangerous."
The city says snow plows are only used when there are at least three inches of snow on the ground. For this storm, the city prepared a week in advance by loading trucks with a sand and salt mixture. The mix is not spread down the entire length of most streets. It's laid down mostly in areas such as intersections or turn lanes so vehicles have enough traction to stop and accelerate.
"We try to make sure that the cars can start and stop at the intersections," Mitchell said. "We try to make sure that the streets are passable. but by leaving a little of snow out there, it also helps with traction."
City trucks will be out overnight to re-sand areas that re-freeze and become slick again.
"What we normally do is we get calls from the police department notifying us of some slick conditions, plus our supervisors and our employees out there working," Mitchell said.
Thursday, crews will check the street gutters to ensure the melting snow will drain properly.
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