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Holiday trash could put your home at risk

Amarillo, Texas - Filling up your garbage cans with wrapping paper and boxes from holiday presents could put your home at risk.

There's no better way to tell who has a brand new TV than to see the box it came in sitting outside, and that's exactly what burglars think.

"I'd probably go to some apartment trash can or something and dump them all off just so they don't know what you have in your house," Ryan Hickenbottem, an Amarillo resident says.

Hickenbottem says he never thought twice about placing boxes from holiday presents outside, but now he will.

"They probably just think about just throwing away their trash and stuff like that and making more room for toys," Hickenbottem says.

Thieves target the boxes sitting outside of homes. So, that brand new flat screen Santa Claus brought might not be as safe as you think. But,  APD says there are ways to stay safe.

"Well you know, if you're throwing away, especially like cardboard boxes and things like that. There are a lot of recycling places now that take specifically cardboard. Take it to one of those places. Throw it in there nobody's going to know where it comes from. So, rather than putting it out front, that's what we're going to suggest," Cpl. Jerry Neufeld, Amarillo Police Department says.

Police also suggest taking other measures to keep your home safe.

"They need to take these other steps to make sure their houses are as secure as they can be. You know, reinforce the doors, reinforced track plates, things like that to keep their house from getting broken into, not just because of the Christmas season, year around," Neufeld says.

Breaking down boxes and placing them in black trash bags is another way to avoid becoming a target.

APD tells us there aren't many cases here in Amarillo because of alley way dumpster's in neighborhoods, but this still happens.

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