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Another Chance House Christmas

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Amarillo, Texas - Some people in Amarillo are celebrating Christmas, who haven't been able to in recent years.

61 men live in Another Chance House, and due to donations from the community and hard work, the men were able to enjoy a Christmas feast today.

Another Chance House is a place to call home for men who have returned from war and had no place to go, or guys who have fallen on hard times or made some bad decisions.

We spoke with a veteran who is a part of the organization and he attributes the house to basically saving his life.

He says he couldn't be happier to spend the holidays with an extended family.

Bill Fly says, "roughly two years ago I came back from Afghanistan and find myself more or less homeless. I was suffering from ptsd. I didn't have any family at the time. The minute I walked through these doors, I had a family atmosphere, a structure, and an environment that nurtured me back into society to better myself."

He says the men work together and give each other hope, especially over the holidays.