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Last minute Christmas shoppers

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Amarillo, Texas - Last minute Christmas shoppers were out in full force in Amarillo.

A majority of the last minute shoppers were men, but there were many women also.

They all had different responses about waiting until the last minute.

More than one said if the stores were open tomorrow, they'd probably wait until then.

A woman said the weather literally made her lose track of time.

An entire family tells us they find better deals on Christmas Eve and they wait to shop until then every year.

Another last minute shopper says he waited until Christmas Eve to shop because he couldn't find exactly what he was looking for.

Casey Hall says, "you know you kind of look for that special thing and maybe you don't find it so you wait until the last day to get something. You know how guys are."

Hall says waiting until the last minute to Christmas shop is nothing new for him.

Their were several people who wouldn't speak to us because they didn't want their family to know they waited until the last minute to shop.