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Protecting pets from holiday hazards

From Christmas trees and ornaments, to tinsel and plants, holiday decorations can be beautiful, but they can also be dangerous for our pets.

That's why Amarillo Animal Control and Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society are encouraging all pet owners to pet-proof their home this holiday season. That includes keeping your pets away from your Christmas tree. Be careful of ornaments, especially glass ones which would be harmful if ingested, as well as electrical cords or tinsel. Make sure to keep plants like poinsettias, holly or mistletoe out of reach of pets. If ingested your pet could suffer from diarrhea or vomiting, and could even die if they eat too much. Never give your furry friends any holiday food like chocolate or other goodies.

All holiday hazards that could be avoided if pet owners simply keep one eye on their animals at all times.

"You just have to watch them really carefully," said Executive Director of the Amarillo Panhandle Humane Society, Jena McFall. "I mean, you just have to be cognizant of what they're doing and where they are at all times which is very hard because they're squirmy and they're puppies and they run around. Just make sure they're supervised at all times."

Something the humane society also wants to advise against this holiday season is giving a pet as a gift, especially if the recipient isn't expecting it. McFall says right after they New Year is when the humane society receives many returned puppies because often times, people who got them as gifts weren't ready for a pet, didn't expect it, or it's not the one they wanted. She advises letting people pick out their own pets.

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