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Former soldier guarding local elementary school

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Amarillo, Texas - A local elementary school's students say they feel a little safer.

We were at  Western Plateau Elementary and have more on what a former soldier is doing.

Wesley Johnson is a former marine who was honorably discharged in 2009. Two of his children attend Western Plateau Elementary.

"With the current times, with what happened last week in Connecticut, I think yes, this is what the community needs to see," Johnson says.

Johnson says he has heard stories of Amarillo children looking for hiding places in their classrooms incase anything were to happen here. He says he is there for one reason.

"I'm just trying to easy some hearts and minds," Johnson says.

Kids here tell me his presence make them feel safer.

"Really glad because he is protecting me and my family," Abigail Allison, Kindergarten student says.

Parents we spoke with said they were glad Johnson has been standing guard.

"It's awesome. I feel so much comfortable having him here to protect our children," Melissa Allison, a parent says.

"I feel a lot safer now that he's around," Eunice Cantu, a parent says.

Johnson's children are home sick, but he says he has a job to do.

"Them being home sick shouldn't keep me from doing this. I know I've had a lot of shocked parents saying oh my gosh you're still here, of course, whether they're here or not," Johnson says.

But, it is discouraged to stand guard without consent from school officials.