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Violent video game restrictions

Amarillo, Texas - Some children in our area are trying to get their hands on violent video games.

Some shops in Amarillo who sell video games actually "card" all customers under the age of 30.

Others won't even sell young teens certain games without a parent present.

I also uncovered different ways for moms and dads to become more familiar with the most violent video games.

The most video games sold in the United States, are the most violent ones. is a resource for parents to take a closer look at what their children are doing once they pick up the controller.

I spoke with a local shop owner and he tells me major game creators only make violent and aggressive games now.

Game Quest Owner Brian Austin says, "ninetendo still does a child based system, but Sony and Microsoft are both geared more towards adult play."

And in order for under age kids to buy these games, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Austin says, "I've done a lot of reading about video games and from what I've seen children say 8-18 in boys aggressive video games will bring out can bring out a lot more aggressiveness... Higher tempers and more aggressive behavior. But in men 18 and older.  It's actually a stress reliever."

Several studies have been done in an attempt to figure out if violent video games can lead to aggressive behavior.

An Amarillo psychologist tells me there have been two sides of this argument for years.

In the meantime, Game Quest, as well as other shops in Amarillo will use strict caution when faced with youngsters trying to purchase these vulgar games.

Brain Austin says, "the parental ok is first."

I spoke with some parents  and a lot said their young teens are not allowed to play M rated games, or they have daughters who show no interest.

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