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Amarillo gun sales on the rise

Amarillo, Texas - A local shop is jam packed, and has to turn away people who are all after the same thing.

Local gun sales spike once again.

And this time, customers attribute it to the elementary school tragedy in Connecticut.

Following the mass shooting, residents fear a ban will happen.

Erwin Pawn Shop tells us they literally were running out of guns, and couldn't order new ones fast enough.

There has been much debate on facebook regarding specific gun laws, especially in our area.

I asked the pawn shop if there was any particular gun residents were after.

Ashley Erwin Carter says, "a lot of people are scared that they're going to be taking assault rifles away, especially from the Connecticut thing that happened, which was horrible. A lot of people are buying the high capacity magazines. I mean they were just flying off the shelves. Some people were buying 10 and 20 at a time."

She says the regular customers have been in, as well as first timers.

And there has been no specific age or gender.

We've discussed the spike in gun sales during this year's presidential election, but we're told the past few days have been even busier.

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