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Amarillo parents react to shootings in Connecticut

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Hearts across the nation continue to break for those involved in Friday morning's gruesome shootings and unfortunately, the effects of the tragedy extend far beyond Newtown, Connecticut.

The tragedy still struck fear in the hearts of many right here in Amarillo, as they thought about their own children and the dangers they hope they'll never have to face.

Hallways that used to seem like a safe haven, now to many are a danger zone.

"Everything's so scary to even have children in school nowadays," said one Amarillo mother of twin nine-year-old boys. "To the point where you're scared to take your kids to school and a lot of people are just home schooling."

Families of young children in Amarillo, fearful not of Amarillo schools, but of the growing violence in them across the country.

"I know they keep all these doors locked except the front one," added an Amarillo mother, most of the school are doing that now, but I don't know, it's still scary."

"We just feel like we need to be ready, you know what I'm saying?" said one local grandfather of an elementary-aged girl. "In the event that we're out here doing something and something goes on and we have no protection for ourselves."

As with many tragedies, fear and anger gave way to controversy. Some people took to the NewsChannel 10 Facebook to express their thoughts and concerns regarding the shooting. One commentor said "They need to take the guns off the street and stop selling them" but others disagreed saying "If guns weren't available, the criminal will find another tool."

Some even blamed video games.

"I've never played it myself, the active duty or call of duty or whatever the games are," said one grandfather. "I've never played it myself but like I say, I've always been against it. They just don't think nothing of it."

Unfortunately, there's not always an explanation for tragedies this gruesome and parents and families, even in Amarillo, are left clinging to what matters most -- faith and each other.

"I believe we've certainly got to rely on the high power above."

"I just sit and think maybe God needed special angels," a mother said. "That's the reason why it happened."